Anyone may enter. Leaving, on the other hand, . . .

Animated castle (Mordor)

Mordor is the vacation spot in Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings series. Unless, of course, you are Gandalf or Frodo. If you want to learn more about Mordor, continue on. If you want to learn more about Gandalf or Frodo, go read the books.


Small castle picture
Mordor, Home Of Sauron And His Friends

Small gateway
Morannon, Gateway To Mordor
Small spider
Shelob, Guardian Of The Gate
Small Sauron picture
Sauron, The Master Of Mordor
Small Balrog picture
Balrog, Victim Of Gandalf
Small Ringwraith picture
A Ringwraith, One Of Sauron's Generals
Small Nazgul picture
A Nazgul, The Captains In Sauron's Army
Small Orc picture
An Orc, Sauron's Foot Soldiers
Small Gollum picture
Gollum, The Little Guy

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